12 de janeiro de 2014

James A. Flood - Exhibition "What if?"

RMS Titanic Arriving at Chelsea Piers, 17 April 1912 

Painting #2 in James Flood Series 
'What-If ' Depicting a Successful Voyage
Would you dare to pretend that destiny would led the course of events to an happy ending?
Wouldn't it be incredible if time could be rewinded and some tragic events could be avoided just by correcting what went wrong ?

Artist James A. Flood, on a series of paintings, imagined Titanic's victorious arrival at Chelsea Piers, New York Harbor, White Star Line, Pier 59, in the morning of April 17th, 1912, as if nothing abnormal or tragic had occurred.
On these painting RMS Titanic did not sink into the Atlantic arriving indeed to New York on Tuesday, nearly a day ahead of schedule, having an exuberant reception as it was expected.

"What if?" it would have been…

These two paintings are part of the series of the exhibition‘ What If?’, created by artist James A Flood, where the artist intents to deliver a message regarding the RMS Titanic’s. 
"All the historic events around the ship hold a special place in the collective memory that would have never been achieved without the tragic demise. Over the passing decades Titanic has gradually resurfaced into a new fabric and in a poignantly timely fashion, the advent of the ship' s anniversary merging with an universal longing for something that was lost". 

Upon arrival Titanic spends the evening at anchor for Customs, and heads for berth early Wednesday morning. Here the rounded curves of living horses, the opulent glory of carriages, the classic (and since destroyed) pier architecture, and the elegant period clothing - all come together to be part of the day that "should have been"one of the happiest and most memorable in New York history.

On these paintings, celebration bursts from the docks, crowds cheering in sequence as ship maneuvers her way up the Hudson River. On the background New York's  prominent buildings, from the glorious skyline Lower Manhattan, still in there youthful beauty.

Titanic waits the ageless crowd, gathered in anticipation for the return of the giant to a world that perhaps never was. A world where beauty, symmetry, and perfection would have flourished, but the course of events lead to a tragic end.

RMS Titanic is depicted making its way to New York Harbor
White Star Line, Pier 59

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